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Because where you get your information matters.

Welcome to BushcraftSchool.com, the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School distance learning academy.

On this site we offer the same tested, trusted instruction we’ve provided at our field school for the past twenty years.

People use this information to prepare for a course or expedition, supplement their field course, seek certification, and learn at their own pace and in their own place.

Please note that this is NOT youtube. The qualifications of many on youtube consist of their ability to use a recording device and upload those recordings to the internet. That’s one of the big reasons why it’s free; much of the information is wrong and put out by people who don’t know any better because they have no field experience.

Is that where you want to get information that you could potentially base your survival, or the survival of your loved ones, on?

There is no vetting process you youtube, and as a result it’s filled with people pretending to be knowledgeable. But if you’re like me, when you take your kid to the doctor you want someone who has the appropriate background and experience, not someone whose criteria is that they have a bunch of followers on the internet.

In contrast to many of the youtubers, we have 20 years of documented experience as an industry leader running semester-length field courses that are college accredited and GI Bill approved.

We are NOT aspiring instructors, wannabee guides, hobbyist outdoorsmen, youtube celebrities, the ‘flavor of the week’, or reality tv personalities.

We are professional guides and instructors with 2 decades of experience in the field: Registered Master Maine Guide licensed in the hunting, fishing, recreation, sea kayak categories.

We don’t offer this information for free for a reason. We see free as a detriment, not an asset. Real information that has been tested in the field for decades is worth paying for. If you don’t agree, go to youtube and take your chances.

Our Reputation Is Built On 2-Decades Of Field Experience.

Cheap and free is the new expensive. Even more so in the long run. How much time do you have to spend determining if the free information is correct? You need to trust where you get your information.

Coming soon, we’ll be offering free and paid online video courses for course and expedition preparation, instruction on specific skills and crafts, and instructional videos for kids and homeschoolers.



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